About Us

Thank you for visiting our site and knowing our appliance repair services. We  are proudly to present to you our ability to fix and install your kitchen appliances. Thus, our technicians are well experienced in all kind of appliances from least to the greatest problem we are able to do it all for you. Since 2000 our company starts with simple intention. Now, with less than 20-years our experience in the business surpasses our expectation. Each of us can handle all your major appliance repairs which you can trust us. Which surpass your expectations with the quality of our work.


To give our total ability to give to all of our customers in Calgary and to the near surrounding area. Hence, with our 24-hour emergency service, our customers can reach us in their own available time.


With our desire to serve all the community of Calgary and the surrounding area we want to reach all the provinces of the whole of Canada with one purpose. That is a trusted and honest appliance repair service. Also, our focus is our customer service satisfaction. From local appliance repair to a nationwide service center.


To provide the best and most accurate and new equipment in repairing kitchen appliances.

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