Dryer Repair Calgary

Dryer Repair Service Calgary

It is valuable to have a dryer because it is a time-saving appliance and is able to keep our clothes from bad smell and get rot in high humid temperature. All of us are pretty dependent on this modern laundry room convenience. So it is disappointing if problems occur. Though if the dryer is not yet completely broken, it can be costly to keep running if it is not operating effectively. So, if you notice spikes on your energy bill, or slow drying, or another problem arises. Do not hesitate to call your trusted Calgary dryer repair service near you. Our company is quick to the response and we give same day service appliance repair as you call us.

We always give focus on the call of our customer whether they are just inquiring or have an emergency call we treat them all as equal customer service. So we suggest stopping from high energy bills, inconvenient breakdowns, and safety issues. Better to have a schedule with our expert  dishwasher repair technician to check and find the condition of your dyer. We also accept regular maintenance for every appliance. Our friendly and dedicated workers can handle all of your gas-electric dryers repair and maintenance needs.

Our Calgary Dryer Repair Solution


Get your dryer repaired right away by giving us a call today. We will have our Calgary dryer repair technician out there as soon as possible. Making sure your clothes are ready to be dry and put away. Once our expert identifies what is causing the dryer to work properly, they will then take action to repair the dryer. The

Common Dryer Problems

If you are not drying  your laundry in a reasonable amount of time and are leaving it to sit in a moist environment. It may cause health effects. Allergic reactions make occur from the laundry developing mold releasing spores. Leaving wet laundry in the dryer may also cause issues with the dryer running properly. Dryers running improperly may also in some cases cause dryer fires. The sooner you can get a dryer repair expert out there to address your dryer, the safer you guys are.  Some dryer problems include:

  1. not turning on
  2. not working properly
  3. doesn’t heat up
  4. stops mid cycle
  5. load is taking too long to dry
  6. making unusual noises
  7. load gets covered in lint 
  8. doesn’t spin 
  9. overheating inside 
  10. overheating on top
  11. clothes get burnt
  12. clothes smell

If you find your dryer showing any of these common problems, call us today to book your appliance repair service!

Dryer Parts

There are many parts that make the dryer operate as a whole. It is important that all individual parts are in good condition. Here is a list of common parts:

  • Ball and Hitch Bearing Kit
  • Blower Fan Blade
  • Door Catch
  • Door Strike
  • Door Switch
  • Drive Belt
  • Drive Motor
  • Drum
  • Drum Glide Bearing
  • Drum Support Roller Kit
  • Electronic Control Board
  • Felt Drum Seal
  • Flame Sensor
  • Gas Valve Coil Kit
  • Heater Relay
  • Heating Element
  • High-Limit Safety Thermostat
  • Idler Pulley
  • Idler Pulley Bracket
  • Idler Pulley Tension Spring
  • Igniter
  • Motor Relay
  • Operating Thermostat
  • Power Cord
  • Push-to-start Switch
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Thermistor
  • Timer
“I Calgary  Appliance Repair Pros to come in and diagnost our dryer because it was drying properly. They had the part in hand and were able to repair the same day!”

Dryer Brands That We Service

There is no major dryer brand in the market that we are unable to service and repair.

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