Refrigerator and Freezer Repair Calgary

Fridge and Freezer Repair Service Calgary

Do you have a problem with how much does it cost to fix a leak in a refrigerator or freezer? We at Calgary Appliance Repair Pros are ever ready to help you fix and bring your refrigerator and freezer back in normal functions. Our workers are well skillful in handling repairs on a wide range of refrigerator problems and freezer problems. The refrigerator is  a thermally insulated compartments that extend how long we can safely store food. This is a favor for our health, savings, and comfort. We usually take for granted our refrigerator until it breaks and your food starts to rot and spoil.

Whatever type of your refrigerator or freezer you have in your home, our team can get to work right away. To address any problems you have with this kind of appliances. Our company is here to take care of damaged part repairs and general maintenance. As well as, everything in between. Hence, you may ask how much to repair the refrigerator compressor. I have good news for you, our company is not just focusing on customer service. We also focus on the affordable cost of each appliance we repair. We know how it is hard to have a broken refrigerator and freezer that is why we want to offer a good quality service at an affordable price.

Our Calgary Refrigerator and Freezer Repair Solution

The fridge and freezer is one of the most essential appliances to own in a house because that is where majority of our food is kept. Be sure to call us today and book an appointment to have our appliance technician service your refrigerator or freezer as soon as possible. Once on site, our expert technician will diagnose what is causing the fridge/freezer issues. 

Common Refrigerator and Freezer Problems

  1. water leaking on the floor
  2. freezer isn’t cold enough
  3. appliance is cycling too often
  4. fresh food compartment is warming up
  5. sheet of ice on the freezer floor
  6. frost building up
  7. ice maker is overflowing
  8. refrigerator is freezing food
  9. water dispenser not working
  10. making strange noises
  11. light bulb out
  12. door seal broken
 If you notice your fridge and freezer are having any of these issues, call us today to book your appliance repair service!
Refrigerator and Freezer Parts
  • battery
  • compressor
  • compressor pump
  • compressor motor
  • compressor run capacitor
  • compressor start relay
  • condenser
  • condenser fan
  • defrost bi-metal 
  • defrost drain tube
  • defrost pan
  • defrost heater
  • defrost sensor
  • defrost switch
  • defrost timer
  • defrost thermistor
  • diffuser
  • door gasket
  • door switch
  • drain pan
  • electronic control board
  • evaporator
  • evaporator drip tray
  • evaporator fan
  • ice dispenser motor
  • ice maker
  • ice maker fill tube
  • lid gasket
  • light switch
  • refrigerator door
  • temperature control thermostat
  • thermistor
  • water filter
  • water inlet valve
  • water supply tube
  • wiring harness
“Our freezer leaking water on to the floor. Luckily we had Calgary Appliance Repair Pros come out to repair it and stop the leak.”

Fridge and Freezer Brands That We Service

There is no major refrigerator and freezer brand out there that we can not service.

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