Common Dishwasher Problems

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In the modern kitchen dishwasher is one of the hardest work Canadian appliances, that is why once it got a problem you can easily notice it. Normally a dishwasher lasts for seven to twelve years. But because of frequent use, it no doubt gets easily malfunctioned before that time comes. Repairing this kind of appliance will cost many dollars that is why most owners choose to repair it themselves. In this article, we list a few common problems that a dishwasher will encounter during the time you use it. However, there are problems or issues that we cannot handle with us so we need the help of dishwasher repair Calgary.

The dishes come out not clean

One major issue that dishwashers fail to do is clean the dishes themselves though it is the main purpose of this major appliance Calgary. The cause may come from the way you use it, for instance, overloading it or you fail to remove the food left from the dishes. However, if you think you don’t do this the problem then is in the inner parts of the machine. Like the float switch or the spray, the arm is malfunctioning.

It Doesn’t Start

Another issue of the dishwasher it doesn’t start, meaning you cannot use your expensive kitchen appliances. If you press the start button and you hear a humming sound, the cause of this is the motor can be sticking. If no humming sound then there is another cause of the damage. This cause may be a clogged pump, the wire has gone bad, or a switch failure. However, the latter may need a dishwasher repair Calgary expert to do it for you.

Do not Fill Up

Normally, the water makes the dishes clean it, but if the dishwasher does not fill water this is another issue then. One reason may be the float is getting stuck. The float is accountable to bring the signal to the water to stop when it reaches a particular level. On the other hand, the water will not fill the machine because the door is open. Or the cause may be the malfunctioning of the switch on the door, it keeps on reading even when the door is closed.

The Machine keeps on Filling Up

One reason why the dishwasher keeps on filling the water is that it is an overload. As this happens your dishes will turn out a big mess with soapy water and the overuse of water. The float can be the main reason for this problem. Another cause is maybe the timer is stuck, which the washer gives the signal to keep on filling. Or another factor is the water inlet valve is open.

Cannot Drain the Water

On the contrary to the above issue is that the dishwasher cannot drain out the water. You can solve by wiping the dishes to dry but this is not for a long-term solution. The cause of this problem is the clogged drain or filter. You can check below the spray arm for debris. Nonetheless, you can have a broken drain pump or a malfunction drain sensor.

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