Troubleshooting Tips When Your Dryer Won’t Start

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Various things can happen from keeping your electric dryer to operating normally. This includes a problem with power supply, busted start switch, awful door switch, and blasted thermal fuse. In this article, Calgary Appliance Repair pros provides you to see and understand some causes and solutions that a dryer may encounter along the way.

Initially, the first thing you do is to check the electric power of the dryer then check the house circuit breaker, if both are in good condition then check the appliance itself.

Tool and Parts You Need

  • Work Gloves
  • Door switch
  • push-to-start switch
  • Screwdriver
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Multimeter

Door Switch

Check the door switch with a multimeter, for safety be sure that the power is disconnected before you do the inspection. To get the door switch, take out the lint screen. Screw out the lint screen housing to the upper panel. Clear the clips out and pull up the upper panel to get into the door switch. Turn off the door switch from the wire harness.

Close the door of the dryer, put the meter leads on the door switch wires that attach to the blue and white wires. You must check near 0 ohms of defiance. If there is still no response then the door switch is broken it needs a replacement.

Thermal Fuse

Turn off the wires from the thermal fuse. With the use of the multimeter to check the resistance of both the tools on the thermal fuse. The result in the multimeter must be 0 ohms on the thermal fuse. There is no response then you need to replace your thermal fuse.

Sometimes if the thermal fuse has a problem one common reason is that the exhaust vent is blocked with lint. So before you inspect the thermal fuse check first on the vent and clean out all the dirt with a brush.

Push-to-start Switch

If the thermal fuse is in good condition, but still your dryer won’t work then check on the start switch on button. After you assemble back your dryer then plug it again. When you press the push-to-start switch you will hear a click sound both for engage and disengage, this means that it is okay. However, if you don’t hear a click sound there is an issue. So take off the wires from the start switch. Ask for assistance by holding on the start switch and inspect defiance on the spade for the light blue wires. If there is no response on the multimeter then this means you need to change the push-to-start button.


If the above parts of the dryers are all in good condition but still there is a problem then it means that the internal motor of the dryer has an issue. With this, you need to call for help from the expert. Calgary Appliance Repair pros are here to help you with issues you may encounter with all of your major appliances Calgary.

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