Common Refrigerator Problems

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The refrigerator is one of the essential Canadian appliances in every home. It helps the food not to spoil, keeping the food fresh and many more benefits. However, the refrigerator suffers many issues just like other major appliances in Calgary. Some issues are easy to fix and other needs a Refrigerator Repair Canada 

Be aware of the symptoms that your refrigerator exhibits to find the cause of the problem. Below are some issues that your refrigerator is experiencing so we provide a quick solution for a minor problem.

The water is leaking on the floor

Water leaking can be tricky because of many reasons why your refrigerator is leaking. One reason for this is the defrost drain is blocked. Defrost drain located on the back of the refrigerator. Because of food particles that can block the drain hose which can cause the build-up of ice so the water passes out of the freezer or fridge. With the use of warm water, you can drain the hole from the inside. You can use a long slender instrument like a pipe cleaner to eliminate the clog.

The Freezer is not cold

Does your food spoil so quickly or your freezer does not frost as it should be? If you find this problem, check the back of your refrigerator if the freezer is cold. If it is, check the evaporator fan is running or if there is an air flowing out from the freezer vent. Thus, if you both can’t hear and feel it then the problem is the evaporator fan. You can also check on the compressor, wipe away any dust on it which can stop the air from flowing across the coils. 

Building up of Frost in the Ice Dispenser

This issue is natural and quick to fix. The damper door is the one that opens and closes that allows the ice to fall to your ice dispenser. This door is coated with a special material that seals across the ice shoot and develops an airtight seal. If this gets dirty it cannot seal tightly that allows the moist enter into the freezer compartment. If you encounter this problem one simple way to do is to clean the dirt on the compressor or change the parts.

It Cycles too Often

No one wants to have a loud fridge. It is so inconvenient and can cause a high energy bill. There is some reason for this issue where the fridge continues to cycle more often. One cause is the dirt building up on the condenser coils. To solve this, you need to unplug your fridge. The condenser is at the back of the refrigerator, to find it remove the grill and then use a small vacuum to clean the dirt that is on the condenser coils. For those hard to reach by vacuum you can use a cloth to eliminate the dirt on it. Another cause is too low of the temperature, this will result in the fridge to work overtime. You need to set your fridge at or under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to regularly check the temperature so that it will run at the right temperature.

Freezing Food

If you see that your food is freezing, the problem would be the temperature control thermostat. If the control thermostat is not working properly then the fridge will work longer than needed, which will cause the fridge to be too cold. Try to rotate the thermostat from lowest to the highest if you hear a click sound there is no problem with it. But if not use a multimeter if there is continuity then there is no issue but if it doesn’t then you need to change the thermostat.

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